All served with pita

Hummus: chickpeas and tahini.. $4.95
Baba Ganouj: mashed, grilled eggplant, tahini, lemon
juice, and olive oil. $5.95
Thyme Salad: Fresh Thyme, sliced fresh lemon, carrot, feta cheese, and olive oil. $6.95
Pitaza: our version of a pizza served on pita and includes sliced tomatoes, artichokes, green peppers, kalamata olives, mozzarella cheese and oregano. $9.95 (add chicken or gyro for $3.00)
Samosa: traditional Indian stuffed triangle pastries filled
with spiced potatoes and peas. (2 pieces) $4.95
Zaatar: dried thyme, olive oil, sesame seed on pita
bread. $4.50
Labna: authentic creamy Middle Eastern yogurt topped with dry mint and olive oil.  $4.95
Tabouleh: parsley, cracked wheat, tomatoes, lemon
juice, and olive oil. $4.95
Pomegranate Dates: feta cheese stuffed dates and
pomegranate reduction. $3.95
Falafel (6): chickpeas patties with cilantro and parsley, deep-fried and served with a tangy lemon and tahini sauce. $4.95
Kibbeh (each): a handmade blend of cracked wheat, stuffed with sautéed beef and onions. $3.00
Grape Leaves: seasoned vegetables and rice
carefully hand rolled in grape leaves, sided with homemade yogurt. $5.95
Foole: fava beans, garlic, olive oil, and lemon juice
with tahini sauce. $7.50
Spanakopita: a generous portion of phyllo dough filled
with spinach, feta and fresh herbs, topped with a
cream tomato sauce.  $8.95
Muhamara:, sun dried red peppers blended with walnuts, onions, cumin and toasted pita and topped with oilve oil.  $5.95
Mediterraneo Artichoke: sautéed artichoke hearts with
ground sirloin, garlic, lemon juice, cilantro, onion.  $8.50
Musakaa: fried eggplant sautéed with tomatoes, onion,
green peppers, and olive oil. $8.50
Potato Mofarakeh: sautéed potato, cilantro, garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. $7.95
Mezza Sampler: Falafel, Grape Leaves, Hummus, Baba Ganouj, Muhamara and Feta (serves two).  $11.95
Hummus Plate: your choice of ground sirloin, chicken shawarma or beef shawarma meat. $8.50
Cheese Burak: Friend puffs dough stuffed with feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, parsley, red pepper and olive oil. $5.95


Add Gyro, Chicken Breast for $3.50 or Falafel for $2.50

Fatoush: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, parsley, with a lemon sumac dressing, topped with toasted pita chips. $7.95

Greek Isle Salad: romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, sumac, onions, Kalamata olives, feta with a red wine vinegar dressing. $7.95

Caesar Salad: romaine lettuce and parmesan cheese served with a creamy Caesar Dressing. $7.50


All of our pies are served with a choice of rice, lentil soup or salad.

Beef Pie: A pie filled with marinated ground sirloin, Onions and spice’s. topped with Yogurt and Pomegranate Sauce. $7.95

Spinach Pie: stuffed with fresh spinach, sumac, Mediterranean spices, onions, olive oil, and topped with Pomegranate reduction.  Served with a side of yogurt sauce. $7.95

Feta Cheese Pie: stuffed with feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, parsley, red pepper and olive oil. $7.95

Pumpkin Pie: stuffed with pumpkin, onions, red peppers, olive oil, Spices and Yogurt Sauce on the side.  $7.95 (Seasonal)


All Sandwiches served with Fries, Rice, House Salad or Lentil Soup:

Falafel: fried seasoned chickpeas in pita with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and tahini.  $7.50

Shish Tawook: Chicken breast, cabbage, tomato, pickles and garlic dip. $8.50

Mediterraneo Fajita: chicken breast marinated in Mediterraneo special sauce and cooked with onions, green pepper and mozzarella cheese. $8.50

Authentic Greek Gyro: traditional Gyro meat, topped with onions, tomatoes and feta cheese. $8.95

Gyro Quesadilla: folded pita with mozzarella cheese, Gyro meat, tomato and lettuce. $8.50

Chicken Shawarma: Mediterraneo marinated chicken in a pita with tomatoes, onions and our homemade of garlic dip. $8.50

Beef Shawarma: Mediterranean marinated steak bites, wrapped in a pita with tomato, onion, parsley, sumac, pickles and tahini sauce. $8.95

Mediterraneo Chicken: chicken sautéed with onion, sumac, house spices and olive oil. $8.50

Toshka: grilled ground sirloin with mozzarella cheese and yogurt sauce served in a pita. $8.50

Kefta Burger: Our version of a Hamburger: Minced sirloin topped with tomatoes, onion, feta and tahini sauce served on a Bun. $7.95

Eggplant: hummus, feta cheese and seasonal vegetables in a pita. $7.95


All served with your choice of Lentil Soup or Salad

Gyro Plate: A generous portion of Authentic Gyro Meat topped with onion, tomato, feta and yogurt, served with fries. $11.95

Mediterraneo Fajita: Chicken breast marinated in Mediterraneo Tomato special sauce and cooked with onions, and green pepper. $11.95

Chicken Kabobs: skewers of chicken breast in olive oil garlic marinade, served with rice and marinated balsamic vegetables. $13.50

Steak Kabobs: skewers of steak tips marinated with Mediterraneo spices and skewer of vegetables, served on a bed of Rice. $14.50

Kefta Kabobs: ground sirloin mixed with red and green peppers, onion, parsley, tomato and skewer of vegetables. $12.95

Mixed Grill Kabobs: chicken, steak and kefta skewers on a bed of rice to satisfy your curiosity and skewer of vegetables. $14.95

Lamb Kabobs: skewers of lamb leg tips marinated with Mediterraneo spices and skewer of vegetables, served on a bed of rice. $15.50

Grilled Half Chicken: grilled half chicken served with garlic dip, fries and skewer of vegetables. $12.95

Lamb Shank: lamb leg with win tomato sauce, onion, and Mediterraneo spices, served on a bed of rice. $14.95


Baklawa $3.00

Cheese Halawa: Semolina wheat, mozzarella cheese, milk, orange blossom, vanilla, coconut and whipped cream, topped with pistachio crumbs $3.50


Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange, Mr. Pibb, Ice Tea, Sweetened Ice Tea, $1.95

Coffee $2.00

Turkish Coffee $2.50

Hot Tea $2.00

Moroccan Mint Tea $2.00

Homemade Orange Blossom Lemonade $2.50

Consumer Advisory: Consuming raw or undercooked meats may increase the chance of food borne illness.

Prices subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to refuse service.

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